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To empower mechanical engineers with the highest level of training possible. To remain the leader of high imact workshops to the most intellegent groups of people in modern society.

DESIGN-ENGINE | EDUCATION strives to empower participants to our training workshops with the end goal to increase their design and engineering capabilities through innovative and comprehensive training challenges.

Our training mission is simple: To empower engineers with the knowledge and experience to utilize the design tools needed to get projects completed accurately and efficiently.

+DE|E Goals
1. To empower our students to utilize the tools needed to get the job done quickly and correctly.
2. To excite our students about the skills learned with us and about entering the design world.
3. To complete the training successfully, efficiently, and professionally.
4. It is our hope that you will become an advocate of Design-Engine Education, it's training technique after we achieve our goals then refer others to our program.

We accomplish these goals through the following:

Individual Attention: Courses are limited to about four students per instructor. The small size allows students to work at their own pace. Instructors can work on difficult areas and challenge easier areas.

Customization: All courses can be customized to students' specific needs. This ensures the material will enrich students with not only what is practical and relevant, but will give an opportunity for intensive, hands-on learning.

Renowned Instructors: The instructors have industry expertise and knowledge of the software from an industry perspective. DE|E doesn't use graduates with just enough information to teach a class; allowing instructors to teach application, and not merely use of the software. Designed for the design-world: The courses have been designed by industry leaders based on the skills that are needed in the workplace. Students will be prepared to enter the design world and excel within it.

Career Services: The faculty and staff at DE|E are committed to helping students find the career they are looking for and help students grow, even after the class has finished. Student's success is of greatest importance. Job Placement: We maintain an active relationship with contract agencies for our students who are unemployed. Additionally, our database of over 7000 industry leaders can be accessed for job searching and communication.

Resume: In the design-world, our highly recognizable name can be an excellent way to get your foot in the door at your dream job. We also provide resume help. Ask about our three week costomizable workshops.