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New clients:
Schick, LG Electronics International, Plantronics, Siemens, Modern Drop Forge, Lakewood Engineering, Lyco Manufacturing, Tek Packaging, Wilson trailer and Goodman Industries.

01.07.08 - Design Engine starts authoring videos to supplement online training documentation. Some of which are located on youtube.com

01.07.08 - Greyhill sends representatives for a one week Pro/E course.

01.14.08 - Design Engine administers a surfacing workshop to Schick in Milford CT. Engineers and industrial designers both participated in these two 2 1/2 day surfacing workshops. These workshops helped the begriming surfacing participants in the first session and helped advanced surfacing users in the second session. Also included as a deliverable a custom tutorial documenting current products and suggesting alternate techniques in HTML.

01.14.08 - LG Electronics from Manhattan NY come in this week for Alias Studio training.

02.04.08 - Siemens, Modern Drop Forge, Lakewood Engineering, Lyco Manufacturing, Tek Packaging, and Wilson trailer all send one representative for our level one Pro/E tainting class.

02.11.08 - Siemens takes a two day Pro/SHEETMETAL workshop starting this day. This class onsite at their facility in West Chicago.

02.18.08 - Design Engine Administers another Rhino Training workshop. This workshop to industrial designers onsite at Whirlpool.

03.17.08 - Dell, NASCAR, XDIN (Sweden) and Ottobock all come for training for the Design Engine proe surfacing intensive.

04.07.08 - Wildking Couture a UK shoe designer comes in for Maya three week NURBS and Polygon modeling intensive. In this class we had one representative from the University of Oklahoma and several private freelancers.

04.09.08 - Bart Brejcha and Steve Glochowsky made an appearance at the Milwaukee Pro/E user group conference in Pewakee WI. Bart presented two one hour talks at this Badgerland conference, one on the evolution of A-Class surface modeling with a serious look at WF4.0 surfacing functionality. Bart's other talk was discussing Pro/SHEETMETAL basic conversion from solid thin feature to reverse engineering a 'Y' and 'K' factor for prototype tooling. In this talk Bart showed many of the new features plus he discussed the difference between the solid sheetmetal cut vs the solid proe cut in WF4.0

04.14.08 -Design Engine offers its version of Mechanica training this week.

04.14.08 -Modern Drop Forge comes in this week for a more advanced custom modeling intensive that involves light surfacing, draft, and top down design.

04.16.08 - Bart Brejcha and Steve Glochowski made an appearance at the Grand Rapids Pro/E user conference this day. Bart again practiced his his A-Class surfacing Long Beach presentation on Pro/E USERS Group for the international conference in June. Bart also did a 40 minute Sheetmetal demo in WF4.0 showing many new features and many old tricks with Pro/SHEETMETAL.

05.8.08 - Bart Brejcha and Steve Glochowski made their appearance at the Minneapolis Pro/E user group conference. Bart presented part of his white paper on (for the Pro/E USER conference that will be held in Long Beach CA early June 2008) A-Class surface modeling using Pro/ENGIENER Wildfire 4.0

05.13.08 - Design Engine presents a three day Pro/CABLE and RSD intensive to Goodman Manufacturing in Houston TX. This class of Mechanical Engineers helped this manufacture by creating potentially less wiring mistakes on the manufacturing floor.

05.19.08 - Design Engine administeres a one week proe surfacing intensive to industrial designers and mechanical engineers at Lifetime Products of Salt Lake City in the Chicago location.

0619.08 - Cessna from Kansas City sends industrial designers in for Alias Studio Training. These designers are developing interiors for jets 5 years out using Alias Studio.

06.3.08 - Design Engine present to the PTCUSER world conference in Long Beach CA on A-Class Surfacing.

07.23.08 - Dell Computers Inc. sends industrial desginers for Alias Rendering week long intensive.

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