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New clients:
Nike, Cannondale, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Symbol Technologies, Chicago Faucet, Insight Product Development, Rubbermaid, Zebco, Mercury Marine, M3 Design, Eldon, Sharpie, Sears Seating, Chicago Bears, Bit 7, Design Concepts, Kohler, IDEO, Rubbermaid, NASCAR, Knoll, and Radius Product Development.

12.12.05 - Nike product design team Scott Wilson and Steve Berry come to Chicago for a combined week long focus in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire. Portions of the workshop focus on surfacing and solids. This level one ID workshop had a combined team of ID and ME together for an enhanced learning experience.

12.12.05 - Zebco sends another industrial designer for the surfacing week with Pro/SURFACE and ISDX.

12.05.05 - General Atomics Aeronautical Systems of San Diego CA the maker of drone surveillance/attack aircraft receives a week long Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 surfacing intensive.

11.29.05 - Cannondale Bethal CT receives four day Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 surfacing workshop for composite frame and component design.

11.11.05 - Design Engine's Bart Brejcha presents to interior design students of the International Academe of Art and Technology their 'Furniture design and materials' class. The three hour talk focused on internet design resources, famous furniture designers, furniture showrooms, manufactures, design process, selling design to clients, The talks last hour concluded by showing and conducting hands on workshop w/ Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire in terms of proving form and communicating design concepts for prototype.

11.10.05 - NASA representatives visit Design Engine and deepLABS to discuss potential for future business and development.

11.09.05 - Moto Restaurant Staff and Chef Homaro Cantu take tour of Design Engine Education training facility and deepLABS ultimately to listen to a capabilities overview and general overview of product design as a process is apart of continued education of restaurant staff. Part of the discussion was discussing experience design, industrial design, Pro/ENGINEER as apart of a design process and an overview of rapid prototyping. Restaurant staff is put at ease to lead or participate in ideation meetings with designers and engineers.

11.07.05 - Kansas State University sends their lead industrial designer for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire training.

10.04.05 - Bart Brejcha speaks at Perdue University to Industrial Design students about proving form using modern day CAID software. He discussed light reflection in terms of subconscious interpretation and proving form in real time using Pro/ENGINEER wildfire. The students all have access to the Mechanical Engineering department software over the network.

10.31.05 - Three day workshop administered to the M3 Design firm in Austin TX. This is the design firm that designs the Dell Laptops we use in our classes. Workshop was administered to the engineers responsible for their Dell projects.

10.19.05 - Designers and engineers from Chicago Faucet, Insight Product Development and Zebco noted manufacture of Fishing reels come in for three day surfacing and ISDX intensive.

10.17.05 - Bit 7 of Madison WI sends two industrial designers for five day intensive specific for Industrial design oriented Wildfire training. They gain a mixture basics and surfacing so they can go back leaders.

10.12.05 - Radius Product Development completes their WF 2.0 update training with this full day of intense surfacing. Combined both Pro/SURFACE and ISDX to this group of engineers who were already surfacing experts.

10.10.05 - Design Concepts of Madison Wisconsin sends two engineers for Alias Studio training. These engineers hope to facilitate the import functions from Alias to Pro/ENGINEER by learning Alias Studio.

10.04.05 - Sister Company deepLABS is mentioned in several paragraphs on page 76 of Gourmet Magazine's October issue under the innovations section. Article titled 'Thinking Different' Discusses Chef Homaro Cantu's process for enhancing the experience of dining. The notion of adding flavors and smells to the utensil or pressurized foodstuffs combined with the utensil. 'A whole meal inside the spoon'.

10.03.05 - Bart Brejcha to administer a one Day ISDX workshop to Kohler ID and ME teams.

10.01.05 - Rolling Stone Magazine 'issue 984' October 6, 2005 issue mentions sister company deepLABS on page 100 in connection with Moto Restaurant and Chef Homaro Cantu because of Moto Restaurant eating utensils and cooking equipment development. Article titled 'The Chicago chef who turned his kitchen into a chemistry lab'

09.15.05 - Design Engine team presents to upper level management at Mabe in Queretaro, Mexico with various ways to enhance communication between designers and engineers using Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire.

09.15.05 - Alfredo Santiallan and Bart Brejcha both present Pro/ENGINEER and Alias together to ID and ME students at CID, Mexico.

09.14.05 - Alfredo Santiallan and Bart Brejcha both present Pro/ENGINEER and Alias together to ID and ME students at TEC de Monterrey, Tecnológico de Monterrey campus Guadalajara.

08.10.05 - Rubbermaid's Eldon and Sharpie divisions both receive Pro/E WF2.0 update training to mechanical engineers and industrial designers in their suburban Chicago office.

08.09.05 - Radius Product Development receives WF2.0 update training to mechanical engineers in their Chicago office.

08.08.05 - Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation an 80 year veteran manufacture of heavy-duty portable electric powertools has Bart Brejcha in for a presentation of Wildfire surfacing tools to upper level management.

- Symbol Technologies, leading manufacturer for hand held scanning devices comes to design engine for surfacing intensive week in Pro/SURFACE and ISDX. The Symbol Technologies Design director has 20yrs Alias and Auto Studio experience. The focus was IGES, STEP & Granite kernel to manage Alias imports into Wildfire.

- Mercury Marine comes in for Pro/SURFACE and ISDX one week intensive. Focus was on Pro/SURFACE and ISDX with Alias imports 1/2 day. Read one of the testimonials.

06.20.05 - the online resource magazine announces the fifth photoreal competition. This one for furniture. Designers and engineers from around the world are invited to participate. The Jury includes Don Chadwick of Herman Miller Aeron Fame.

06.20.05 - British magazine triad Wallpaper magazine article on sister company deepLABS eating utensils for Moto Restaurant. page 044 of the July August 2005 issue. Article titled "How do you like your stake zapped".

06.08.05 - Bart Brejcha administered a Pro/SURFACE and ISDX intensive at a Knoll's Philadelphia location. This high end workshop was delivered to the already surfacing experts at Knoll.

06.06.05 - March three week student, Robert Bobek ME was hired by Chicago Faucet for Engineering work.

05.16.05 - Chicago Bears' own graphic designer comes in for one week Maya course. He is so pleased that he plans to make a return visit in the near future.

05.03.05 - Design-engine instructors assist Admiral Tool in accessing sheet metal files and resolving issues using Pro/SHEETMETAL.

04.29.05 - Design Engine Education expands its Adobe course offerings. We have found a broad based dissatisfaction with the existing programs that many industrial design schools currently offer by evaluating the input of people looking for these programs. In response to this we offer a new intensive Adobe workshop.

04.27.05 - Alfredo Santillan Industrial Designer of DE was invited to speak at a PTC User conference about surfacing and design in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He spoke in front of hundreds who listened contently to his tips and tricks on ISDX and Wildfire.

04.27.05 - Bart Brejcha is asked to teach a class to IDEO in Palo Alto CA this week. All Mechanical Engineers were in the class.

04.25.05 Techniplas of Iowa sends an engineer to Chicago for a one week Wildfire upgrade session.

04.21.05 - Design Engine Education is chosen from hundreds of Chicago training providers to participate in a technical trade show at the Westside Technical Institute in Chicago. All of the participants have been pre approved for WIA vouchers already and need to choose a school.

04.18.05 - Rubbermaid / Sanford's engineering Eldon came in this entire week for a Pro/ENGINEER Surfacing week.

04.18.05 - Mat Kaczor one of our three week students landed his new job at a forth tier auto parts provider.

04.15.05 – Design Engine Maya Instructor Scott Rachwalski utilizes his Maya skills on the new Hollywood production of War of the Worlds. He expects to be ready to teach the May session now that his project is completed.

04.11.05 - Rubbermaid / Sanford's products division industrial designers from the Eldon office products came in this entire week for Alias Studio level 1 and 2 training.

04.04.05 - Sam Byrd one of our three week WIA students started Caterpillar in a fuel systems group. He received his degree in mechanical engineering from Northern Arizona University at Flagstaff .

03.25.05 Design Engine Graduated several Maya users from the three week comprehensive.

03.22.05 - Alfredo Santillan begins his tenure as an instructor with Design Engine. He has a degreed industrial designer from 'TEC de Montery' in Mexico City and masters in Automobile design from the 'Scuola Politecnica di Design'. His contribution to our team with Alias and Pro/ENGINEER instruction to industrial designers. When not teaching a class or directing tutorials he will be designing products for the deepLABS division of Design Engine, Inc.

02.28.05 Several past DE|E 3-week comprehensive engineers are being courted by Harley Davidson and come back for ISDX g2 surface modeling workshops to ensure their new hire.

02.25.05 DE|E staff assist famous Chicago sculptors; Eric May, Jason Ver Beek, and John Werner with models, documentation using Pro/ENGINEER and renderings using MAYA. All this for the 100 thousand dollar purse the McCormick Foundation Sculpture Competition will award the winner.

02.21.05 Motorola (New Jersey) sends another Mechanical engineer to a specific surfacing workshop in hopes to better take industrial design concept sketches to first level CAD data using Pro/ENGINEER in a quicker faster and more robust fashion.

02.18.05 Sears Seating and one from Fort Lock are in this level one workshop who had five people in IL.

02.14.05 Sears Seating who makes seats for Tractors and boats sends second round of designers and engineers for intensive surfacing training.

02.14.05 ITI Cornelius comes in for Pro/SHEETMETAL training this week

02.10.05 DE Added new workshops in both ANSYS and MECHANICA. Look for Pro/CABLE and HARNESS workshops in the near future.

02.09.05 Fort Lock sends first round of engineers in for advanced training in Sheetmetal and Surfacing. One manager gained his first experience in Pro/ENGINEER as well.

02.07.05 NASCAR #32 Tide Race Car team engineers makes an appearance at Design Engine's Chicago facility to raise skill levels in Pro/ENGINEER. More and more Nascar teams are recognizing
the value of Pro/ENGINEER Software and it's use as a design and engineering tool in the high speed world of NASCAR auto racing.

02.01.05 Mike Vostal to speak at the Ontario Pro/E users group conference this day. Mike will conduct several two hour workshops before and after the conference. There are also plans for him to teach a Pro/SURFACE ISDX hybrid 2 day workshop in the Toronto office.

01.21.05 DE set to announce Ansys and Pro/CABLE workshops.

01.17.05 DE set to announce the existence for a Dubai training center in the United Arab Emirates.

01.17.05 DE signs on Dr Scholl's, Caterpillar, and Sears Seating and Rubbermaid for one week surface training which includes ISDX this week. One week Surfacing workshops each month. This surfacing workshop is stronger than ever!

01.15.05 Sister company the design and resource magazine 2004 photoreal toy competition call for entries ends today.

01.13.05 DE conducts onsite training at Milsco in Wisconsin this week.

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