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Learn more about what our clients and past trainees have to say about Design Engine's' Pro/ENGINEER Training Programs!

"Design-Engine has provided me with more than a solid foundation for Surfacing and ISDX, due to its innovative methodology of transferring knowledge, and the environment where the classes are imparted is unique. The courses are intended to take real world approaches to solve real world problems instructed by real class designers not by instructors following manuals or tutorials to the letter like most of other places I’ve taken classes from, and that’s one of the things I liked so much about this new leaning experience."

"Design-Engine is a place managed by designers for designers, speaking design, thinking design, dreaming design. That’s why I believe I’ve learned so much in so little time, and now I’m excited that I can go out there with confidence and take any projects knowing that my surfacing skills will back me up because of what I’ve learned at design-engine."

"Don’t hesitate in taking any classes at Design-Engine, they know your needs and can take you the next level of expertise, you won’t regret it."

Alexander Lau
Industrial Designer

Other testimonials:

We attended training for Pro/Surface and ISDX at Atkinson Design, Mississauga, who was a wonderful host and provided great service and response to our training needs. Through them, we were lucky to have Bart Brejcha, from Design Engine, as a trainer. If Bart cannot make you love surfacing…nobody can. We were impressed with his enthusiasm and original approach to training, his experience and ingenious way to teach us how ......." more

I felt really frustrated because it seemed impossible to get a foot in the door at a manufacturer. You begin to feel isolated; it’s hard to meet the right people. It gets very tiresome looking for jobs on the Internet. It seems as if you have less then a day to get that resume in or it never gets viewed. After that the HR rep’s mailboxes are overflowing with applications. I viewed an advertisement online for Design-engine/education I came......." more

Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc.
I am excited with my new position and would like to thank Design Engine for the training. If it weren't for Design Engine I may still be out of job. The training offered by is ideal for anyone entering the current job market. The best part of the training is not that your are taught how to use the program, but how to be an effective modeler. One of my......." more

ITT Industries
I would like to personally thank you, as well as the Design Engine staff, for the Pro/Engineer Wildfire course I attended in August '04. Before attending Design Engine product design workshop I had no employment within two weeks, with a salary exceeding my previous position by over 20k. I have no doubt that without your course I'd......." more

Here at Goodrich, Aerospace, our chief CAD package for mechanical design is Pro Engineer. My employment in an engineering position at Goodrich Sensors requires me to have Pro Engineer training and competency. I completed training at Design Engine Education in 1998. All of my work since then has then....." more

The Atkinson Design "Design Engine" workshop in Toronto proved an invaluable resource for our advanced surfacing and ISDX training requirements. The unique and refreshing training methodology administered by Bart Brejcha was the principal reason for fostering an environment that led to "Extreme Learning". We ...." more

University Of Chicago
I am a professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Chicago. Several years ago, my research group began a project to build a far infrared camera for NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA). We chose to develop the instrument using Pro/ENGINEER (Pro/E), a program for developing and analyzing 3 dimensional models of mechanical systems. This program is widely used by aerospace industry. NASA and it's contractors are using it to develop the SOFIA observatory itself. My group has built many instruments for previous NASA projects, but this is the first time we have used Pro/E. ...." more

Brooks Stevens Design
The team at Design-Engine has a great knowledge of the design industry, and they are really up to speed on the tools of the trade, as well as the daily workflow of design. Conversation with the team were on colleague to colleague level, rather than an academic vs. real-world level. Bart Brejcha and Sean Donovan illustrated excellent familiarity with the design world, while also exhibiting a curiosity that was refreshing to see. ...." more

SRAM Corporation
From my experience and from the response of students we have sent, Design Engine|Education of Chicago, Illinois is a top-tier provider of directly applicable training in the use and application of Pro/ENGINEER software. Pro/E is the prefereed and overwhelming dominant engineering software platform for product design engineering. ...." more

The education I had with Design Engine is unlike programs I had previously taken. The training was fast pased, and the small classes allowed for enough attention from the instructor and time on the software. The class was unique because it was less about just learning the tools and more about design using impressive surfacing software. For example, instead of building a surface based on shape alone, we looked at how light reflects the shape as well. In class worked with over 20 tutorials focusing on Pro/SURFACE and ISDX. ...." more

Beyond Design, Inc.
This training offered by Design Engine is hands on and in a short 3-week program, our designers have the knowledge to start developing parts. I also encourage and support our designers to continually go back for training and further their knowledge on new features that are being added to software updates. ...." more

control+alt+design, ltd.
As a note to someone outside the product design and engineering community: Pro/Engineer is the preeminent product definition software platform for mechanical product design engineering and it is a driver of the world economy as well as our own. A skilled engineer, speaking through this tool, can control milling machines in Asia, injection-molding machines in Singapore and stamping presses in Banglore. ...." more

Robert Bosch Tool Corporation
The Robert Bosch Tool Corporation has used and is continuing to use Design-Engine Education for CAD related training. We design power tools for the professional and DYI (Do it yourself) users in markets around the world. We have a constant employment demand for mechanical engineers with CAD (Computer Aided Design) training. "Design-Engine Education has trained many of our engineers in basic and advanced surfacing techniques. Surfacing is the function in CAD that defines the outer shell of our power tools for manufacturing. ...." more

"Bart Brejcha was singularly the best software trainer I have ever encountered. His brilliance and sensitivity as a teacher helped me get the most out of my training. ...." more

Computer Sciences Corporation UK
"I attended the ISDX course delivered by Bart Brejcha from Design Engine Education and overall I thought the course was very successful and did indeed send the students out of the course excited about the..."

"The course was very informative and I'm sure I learned more about free form surfacing modeling than if I had taken the course elsewhere. I have already imparted my new found knowledge to my colleagues who are now as equally excited about the future of ISDX as I am..." more

"The advanced surface training I received from Bart has been of great value to me as a mechanical designer. The techniques he taught me have allowed me to create...." more

"Prior to the class, I talked to Bart. He clearly understood my surfacing issues, yet I remained skeptical.... would my performance be improved?..." more

"I am writing to thank you for the services Pro Engineering Consultants offered Motorola in March and April of 1997. I did not have a chance to meet the individual you were able to place for us as I was in Singapore during the time he was here..."more

Ericsson Electronics
"The Advanced Surface Training with Bart Brejcha was probably the most informative and useful class I've ever taken. I have used Pro/E exclusively since 1991 for companies like Mercury Marine, Motorola, CASE, Ariens Co., Harley-Davidson, and numerous others... " more

SRAM Corporation
"I would recommend the services of Deep Productions, for Pro/ENGINEER Training on both a beginning and advanced level. I found that the instructor, Bart Brejcha, did an excellent job..."more

"The instructor's background is very diverse, not only does his knowledge of CDRS helpful, but his emphasis on communication between the two platforms (Pro/E and CDRS) was excellent..." more

"Their instructors are experts that draw from eclectic backgrounds to create a custom learning experience that one can't get from a standard classroom setting. Their extensive knowledge and expertise enabled me to prepare and solve real world design problems..." more


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