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+ISDX (advanced) Pro/SURFACE Level 7

Course Duration: 16 Hours

Tuition: $1200.00 US

Overview: This course has been developed around aircraft forms that do not require aerodynamic flow for areas around inlets and where fuselage meets wings.

Prerequisite: This workshop has been specifically designed for those already with a high level of Pro/SURFACE and some experience using ISDX. Extensive experience with Pro/SURFACE and prior ISDX experience required. It is strongly recommended to take our Level 2 or 3 Pro/SURFACE workshop prior to this course.


  • Compare ISDX to Alias modeling techniques and discuss difference between each for approach.
  • Discuss three part to four part boundary trickery.
  • Create ridiculously robust models utilizing lattice structures. Discuss incorporating handles for further control and understanding over surfaces that look at those curves.
  • Students can if interested explore curvature continuity (G2) and multiple plan of attack by looking at existing products.
  • This course is usually customized to focus on the students learning wishes and company projects. Bring example work or problematic models on CD ROM for in context discussions.
  • We supplement this training with technique utilized by Alias style techniques utilized in the automotive industry.
  • Hands on efforts through as many as ten tutorials that illustrate thru computer examples.

  • Discuss proving form and go over techniques for proving form. ideation. i.e. get to multiple 3d iterations within hours instead of days.
  • Discuss with examples advanced functions of ISDX and go over it's weaknesses and strengths comparing to other hi-end industry standard surfacing software.
  • Discuss light reflections with respect to subconscious understanding of the 3d form.
  • Discuss strengths for utilizing parametric curves in combinations with ISDX free form curves.
  • Discuss standard modeling techniques with respect to industry standards.
  • Discuss plan of attack and approach for capturing form from foam models or ID sketches.

Onsite Training:

    This course can and has been customized for specific product lines.  CAD managers or product managers  should call to inquire about custom tutorial development specific toward your specific industry. Inquire about costs for onsite training.  We also offer a subscription for  tutorial development.


    This class is administered differently to Engineers who are interested in capturing form from those industrial designers interested in proving form using this simply amazing software.
  • Expect to be one of two in this course.
  • Can be offered anytime so call to schedule.