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+ Level 5 Pro/SURFACE 'Advanced import' point cloud and Restyle for reverse engineering air forms or ergonomic products

Course Duration: 16 hours

Tuition: $1500.00 USD

Overview: Learn to create digitally correct complex geometries relative to point cloud imports using parametric curves and surfaces inside Pro/ENGINEER. Participants will work with a choice of Pro/CONCEPT, Rhino, Geomagic, Restyle, Alias Surface imports or of various point cloud data. Although this is not a Restyle workshop Restyle can be covered.

Prerequisites: This workshop is only for those derringer or engineers who have taken at least two 16 hr workshops from design engine in the past. Prior import experience is not necessary however this is an advanced class much should be assumed such as participants have a high level of surfacing experience. We suggest either the design engine 1 weeklong product surfacing or the 2 week long airforms workshop workshops as a pre req. to this class.

iges data
scan data import


  • Review basic import functions
  • Go over in great detail redefining functions for import geometry.
  • learn to manipulate import geometry
  • Review in-depth advanced import functions (edit definition of IGES or STEP geometry)
  • Learn to manage various import geometries.
  • Discuss in detail problems with import geometry and offer solutions and work around.
  • Learn workflow solutions and problem solving techniques with Pro/SURFACE and ISDX.
  • Learn to maintain some parametric ability with multiple imports.
  • Learn to create fully modifiable Pro/E geometry with scan data.
  • Learn to rebuild import geometry completely with full robust parametric controls (requires the week long class as prior pre requested)
  • Use Layers to manage offset surfaces in the solidification effort.
  • Discuss using import geometry for checking assembly interference.

proe surfacing
clay model scanned and modeled using specific tools inside Pro/SURFACE and ISDX

surfacing pro e
polygon scan data from a clay model.


  • Discuss reverse engineering history and evolution.
  • Discuss techniques for managing import data
  • Discuss techniques for moving import data into the appropriate position for managing the model construction process.
  • Discuss Polygon imports and contrast from geomagic or restyle IGES imports.
  • Overview of Wildfire Restyle.
  • Discuss strengths and weakens of using or not using Wildfire Restyle.
  • Discuss workflow techniques for rebuilding robust parametric models from import geometry.
  • Discuss alternate techniques to getting scan data for capturing form.
  • Discuss inspection techniques to compare one parametric model to an existing scan data.
  • Discuss first article inspection techniques within Pro/ENGINEER

restyle proe surfacing
geomagic import data after import into Pro/ENGINEER WF4.0

iges redefine
'Edit Definition' of an import surface in WF2.0

parametric curves
in this example the instructor is rebuilding parametric curves and surfaces ontop of the dumbdata IGES import.


  • Creating parametric curves and surfaces on top of static import geometry.
  • Discuss the multitude of scan data techniques and offer suggestions to users who actually conduct the scanning process for easier recreation using Pro/ENGINEER.
  • Discuss creating offset surfaces for shelling techniques.
  • Discuss using import geometry for checking assembly interference.
  • Discuss building parametric curve and surface geometry directly or indirectly from IGES or step geometry.
  • Discuss Granite One seamless imports
  • Discuss Polygon imports in great detail and as apart of an exercise use poly geometry to create robust parametric data.
  • Discuss using ISDX to reverse engineer components and make parametric and robust geometry that can be modified after analysis.
  • Discuss import techniques for rebuilding ergonomic forms.

proe wildfire


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