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New clients:
, Rubbermaid, Mabe and Milsco

Regular clients: Triumph Motorcycles, British Aerospace, Harley Davidson, Skill Bosch Powertools, Guidant, Compaq, Kohler, IDEO, Rubbermaid, John Deere, Hayworth and BMW.

12.07.02 DE teaches an ISDX workshop to Haworth one the of the largest most progressive furniture manufactures in the world.

12.02.02 Bart Brejcha teaches a surfacing workshop to Triumph Motorcycles in Hinckley, ENGLAND.

11.20.02 DE team speaks at the Pro/USER Group in Warwick ENGLAND after teaching an ISDX surfacing class to British Aerospace.

11.04.02 Bart Brejcha teaches to 24 engineers and industrial designers a two day combined Level 3 - Level 7 Pro/SURFACE and ISDX workshop to Kohler Corporation in Wisconsin.

10.06.02 DE team conducted the longest to date Beta Test of PTC's Wildfire release of Pro/ENGINEER. Also beta tested was the new Concept One industrial design tool. Read about it on the PTC website.

09.05.02 Bart Brejcha spoke at the Pro/USERS group in Wisconsin. Lecture on advanced surfacing using the new ISDX module from PTC.

 08.26.02 Harley Davidson and SkilBosch Powertools join up for a combined Pro/SURFACE + ISDX training in our Chicago Office.

06.27.02 Bart Brejcha spoke at the New England Pro/USER group meeting at the PTC office. His lecture was about the Pro/ENGINEER's new surfacing software called ISDX.

05.24.02 Bart Brejcha spoke at the Northern Illinois Pro/USERS conference.

05.16.02 BMW from California scheduled for ISDX surface training in our Chicago office. Read BMW testimonial!

 04.25.02 IDEO inquires about A-CLASS surface modeling in Alias, Rhino and Pro/ENGINEER.

 04.23.02 DE|E team developed a radical series of A-CLASS surfacing tutorials for both Pro/ENGINEER's ISDX and 'Alias AutoStudio'.

04.20.02 Conducted Auto Studio training to Mack Trucks in Allentown PA with emphasis on Point Cloud manipulations and A-Class surface modeling.

04.12.02 Bart Brejcha spoke at the Twin Cities Pro/ENGINEER User Group. Lecture on advanced surfacing using the new ISDX module from PTC.

03.25.02 On site intermediate/Advanced Pro/SURFACE training for IDEO Chicago.

03.22.02 Guidant flies in from Minneapolis for ISDX training. 

03.19.02 Skill Bosch Powertools signs up for three days of custom onsite ISDX training.  For this project we developed custom tutorials using Pro/E models of powertools. 

-02.28.02 Bart Brejcha speaks at the Illinois Pro/ENGINEER users conference in Chicago on Industrial Design and Engineering. 

-02.27.02 DE scores 100 products at Target. Yes, we hit the big 100 mark. This week the Scunci comb and brush product lines were unveiled at Target and CVS stores. Special thanks to Beyond Design for hooking us up with so much work (and training) this year!

02.26.02 Rubbermaid signs on for ISDX Training.

02.12.02 Compaq signs on for Alias Studio Training.

-02.02.02 DE adds new Alias workshops to it's arsenal. Level 4 Animation & Level 5 Auto Studio Workshop.  

-01.31.02 DE trainees Digital Innovations engineers on ISDX.

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