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New clients: General Dynamics Itronix, J. Walter Thomson Company, Verizon Wireless, BAE Systems, Magna Donelly, Fisher-Price, Arris International, General Purpose Vehicles, AGCO, DOWCO Inc., Partnertech, KI (furniture), Enercon Engineering, Logic, Sandia National Laboratory, Rubbermaid Sharpie, Eldon, Grayhill, Macrovision, Allsteel, Anchor Hocking, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems ,Dickten Masch, Yamaha, Hommer Tool and MFG, Weil McClain, Modern Drop Forge, Royal Technologies.

12.14.07 - Bart Brejcha speaks at the Wisconsin Pro/E user conference. His talk set the foundation of his white paper to the PTC international conference. His talk suggested alternate modeling techniques for industrial designers who are familiar with direct modeling in Alias Studio. By using control vertices in Wildfire 4.0 surfacing industrial designers can prove form even faster with new WF4.0 tools and Engineers can capture form faster as well. Look for his white paper to be published January 7th 2008

12.10.07 - Royal Technologies comes in for a two day surfacing workshop but was able to learn much more about Pro/ENGINEER than just surfacing.

12.03.07 - Masco sends industrial designer for Wildfire Pro/E training this week. This industrial designer already had Rhino and Alias experience so he was able to get into surfacing for the last few days of this customized on the fly type of training.

11.05.07 - Modern Drop Forge sends design engineers for basic Pro/ENGINEER training. The participants already had some Pro/ENGINEER experience so they were able to take advantage of a small class size to move fast through the materials.

11.19.07 - Elgin Molded Plastics comes in for Surfacing training.

10.01.07 - Enercon Engineering sends several for Wildfire Pro/E surfacing training this week.

09.24.07 - General Dynamics Itronix Spokane Valley, WA along with several contract engineers come into Chicago for Wildfire proe surfacing training.

09.24.07 - J. Walter Thomson Company of their Detroit office comes in for Maya Training. This Level one maya class covered modeling and rendering specific for an advertising agency needs. http://www.jwt.com/

09.17.07 - Power Surfacing onsite intensive for Fisher-Price design engineers. This multiple two and a half day intensive was held for the advanced development team responsible for developing the complex surfaces found on modern toys. This class administered to seasoned Pro/SURFACE and ISDX users focused specifically on modeling technique for managing design modifications, building relationships with industrial designers and solving typical problems associated with surfacing in general.

09.03.07 - Lakewood Engineering comes in for Basic Pro/E training this week.

08.20.07 - General Atomics of Southern CA makes the trip to Chicago for our one week surfacing workshop. Emphases for these two engineers is on Air foil and tooling needs with respect to Pro/SURFACE and ISDX

08.17.07 - Design Engine Presents to the Badgerland Wisconsin Pro/E users group and offers a free 2 hour hands on workshop in surfacing.

08.16.07 - John Deere and Entree team up for a two day Pro/CABLE class. This class did not cover the RSD and or Pro/DIAGRAM portion of Cabling. We covered just the basics of routing wires through 3d assemblies.

08.11.07 - Design Engine presents and offers a free Pro/SHEETMETAL workshop to the Dallas Pro/E users Group. Also included a 40 minute talk for as many tips and tricks that could fit into that time limit.

08.27.07 - Design Engine administers a one week surfacing class that emphasized plastics to Dickten Masch of Ankeny IA.

07.07.07 - Verizon Wireless the communications giant sends their blue sky design team from Dallas TX to Design Engine for Maya training. The goal is to use Maya to aid in ideation and to facilitate communication to management.

07.07.07 - Sandia National Labs from Albuquerque, NM sends more engineers for design engine's custom one week proe training style..

06.21.07 - Design Engine invited to speak at the Mattel Global Tech Summit in East Aurora NY. This summit featured many consultants and software vendors into a round table to discuss workflow with respect to technology. Design Engine's Bart Brejcha spoke concerning recent deepLABS efforts and process to develop a Power Wheels product with respect to the combined use of Alias Studio and Pro/ENGINEER. Many from Autodesk Alias Studio presented along with Bob McNeal founder of Rhino3d and other representatives such as Adobe representatives spoke at the Mattel Summit.

06.18.07 - Dowco engineers and designers come to Design Engine for Pro/SURFACE and ISDX training. In this class participants gain skills, process and understanding to better develop soft goods.

06.13.07 - Design Engine conducts a three day import export workshop to Milwaukee Tools in Wisconsin. Workshop focused on exports from Unigraphics and Alias Studio for import into Pro/ENGINEER.

06.13.07 - Design Engine conducts a one week Maya rendering workshop to Webb Scarlet industrial designers from their Chicago office. emphases on product renderings.

06.11.07 - Studio Red comes in for one week Alias Rendering workshop.

06.07.07 - Valley Lab Engineers come to Chicago for a Pro/ENGINEER top down workshop. These engineering leaders of Valley Lab are looking to mature the top down modeling approach at their company.

06.04.07 - Start of the three week Maya class. Several Advertising agencies from as far away as Toronto and Los Angeles send participants for this workshop. This 3 week intensive focused on modeling, rendering and animation.

06.04.07 - One representative from Verizon investigates Design Engine First hand by taking a one Week Maya class. This representative from the Blue Sky Development team of Verizon wants to get more designers from the Dallas based blue sky development team to learn Maya as a part of their design process and communication game to management.

06.04.07 - One week Pro/ENGINEER level one workshop. Masco BAE Systems and Magna Donnelley each sent representatives for this class.

05.12.07 - Two day Image Studio workshop to Masco designers.

04.24.07 - Design Engine conducts a 3 day proe training and surfacing intensive to industrial designers at Fisher-Price in Buffalo NY. Mission is to get industrial designers up to a level for Pro/E deliverable to design engineers who use Pro/E already at a hi-level.

04.23.07 - Design Engine conducts a one week customized Pro/ENGINEER Training workshop to Sandia National Labs of Albuquerque, NM http://www.sandia.gov/ This is our second workshop to these government engineers this year.

04.18.07 - Design Engine conducts a free four hour proe training surfacing workshop to the Michigan proe user conference.

04.16.07 - Arris International sends a representative for our one week Pro/SURFACE workshop this week.

04.09.07 - General Purpose Vehicles - GPV comes in for our one week combo Pro/CABLE RSD class.

04.02.07 - Design Engine Administers a series of one week classes utilizing rhino 4.0. This three week intensive empowered a multitude of industrial designers.

03.19.07 - Design Engine administers a one week SolidWorks Training workshop to tooling experts at Hommer Tool. Hommer tool is the injection tooling components company that makes the flash free collapsible cores that many plastic part designers are talking about.

03.12.07 - DOWCO Inc. of Manitowoc WI send four to our one week surfacing intensive using Pro/SURFACE and ISDX.

03.09.07 - Presto of Eau Claire WI takes a two day advanced Alias Studio workshop. Included were advanced modeling and render techniques.

03.05.07 - Bart Brejcha conducts a two day plastics seminar at AGCO corporation in Jackson MN. This workshop was a custom designed workshop specific for vacuum forming plastics parts. This class covered history of plastics, material properties, injection molding with emphasis on vacuum forming. Many tips and tricks using Pro/ENGINEER we shared for engineers looking to become experts at plastic part design. A set of custom tutorials were apart of the deliverable to AGCO engineers.

03.05.07 - Bello Duafe of Lagos Nigeria comes for a three week Maya comprehensive so he could make for the beginnings of a 3d animation and design school in Lagos Nigeria.

02.07.07 - Bart Brejcha conducts a two day plastics workshop using Pro/ENGINEER and Surfacing to Weil McClain of Michigan City, IL this day. This hybrid workshop covered the basics of the plastic injection process. Topics covered: the ID process, ID tools, Capturing form, material properties, injection processes, and Tips in Pro/E for plastic part design.

02.05.07 - Enercon Engineering (near Peoria) sends one engineer for Pro/E Training. Knowing some Pro/ENGINEER already and having gone through other training classes this engineer was happy to be engaged with the design engine style of training.

02.05.07 - KI Industries a plastic injection molding house sends one more engineer for Pro/ENGINEER training. This hybrid course was created because the student already knew Pro/ENGINEER and wanted to get a better handle on the basics and advanced surfacing both.

01.29.07 - Sandia National Laboratory http://www.sandia.gov/ sends another engineer for an advanced custom Pro/ENGINEER training workshop to combine surfacing and sheetmetal proe training.

01.29.07 - Masco of IL and Anchor Hocking OH and Sears Seating send representatives in for a one week part design workshop in Pro/ENGINEER.

01.23.07 - Design Engine starts a Level I and II 40 hour Maya workshop this evening. Tuesday Thursday evening and Saturday days.

- Mabe sends industrial designer to join our one week Pro/SURFACE ISDX workshop. This is a one of a kind Pro/E training workshop.

01.15.07 - Newell Rubbermaid Eldon division sends several to a one week SolidWorks workshop. Hommer Tool and MFG also sent one to participate in this original SolidWorks training class. In this class we covered not only the basics of SolidWorks but surfacing and sheetmetal as well.

01.08.07 - Bart Brejcha administers a one week Pro/SURFACE ISDX Training to engineers from Partner Tech one of the top 10 Swedish companies. partnertech.com

01.15.07 - Design Engine administers a one week SolidWorks Training to industrial designers from Newell Eldon Division. Rubbermaid is a long time partner of Design Engine.
01.08.07 - Bart Brejcha administers a one week Pro/SURFACE ISDX Training to engineers from Partner Tech one of the top 10 Swedish companies. partnertech.com

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